England-based Morgan Motors is injecting a splash of color into the Super 3 range. It dusted off the mood board that inspired designers as they drew the funky three-wheeler unveiled in 2022 and used it to create nine limited-edition models grouped under the Origins label.

There’s no overarching theme to the collection: Morgan’s designers mined inspiration from a wide selection of sources including the jet age, the pop-art movement, science-fiction, American boulevard cruisers, the speed record-setting belly-tank racers, and 1980s technology. Combining everything into one car would spawn a relatively incongruous design, so every limited-edition Super 3 focuses on one topic. 

Each one has a name: Bluebird, Boulevard Cruiser, Pickersleigh Speedshop, Space Race, Warp Speed, Scramble the Jets, Charlie Mike, Fast Forward, and Whoosh Bang Pop.

Bluebird is inspired by the turbine-powered Bluebird-Proteus CN7 driven by Donald Campbell to a land speed record in 1964. It’s finished in the same shade of blue as the CN7, and its cabin features a machine-tuned aluminum dashboard.

Boulevard Cruiser harks back to 1950s American cars with Frozen Berry paint, bright exterior trim, and Ivory Typhoon leather upholstery. Pickersleigh Speedshop represents Morgan’s take on belly-tank racers with a hand-painted bright red and metallic silver livery. Space Race, Warp Speed, and Scramble the Jets explore the skies: They put a modern spin on the jets and rockets that were considered highly futuristic in the 1950s, and we’d argue each livery works stunningly well on the Super 3. Back to earth: Charlie Mike gets a military-inspired design.

That leaves us with Fast Forward and Whoosh Bang Pop, which are the two variants that trace their roots to non-transportation-related sources of inspiration. Finished in white with orange and red graphics, the first is a tribute to “the Japanese-led tech and gaming revolution of the 1980s,” according to Morgan. The second gets comic strip-like graphics to honor the pop-art movement that emerged in the 1950s.

On sale now, the Morgan Super 3 Origins carry a base price of $59,494 excluding sales tax and destination. However, the company notes that pricing can vary from model to model “due to the complex nature of the collection.” Buyers can also add several extra-cost options.

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